Written by Nathaniel Sam Shapiro  •  Directed by Saheem Ali

The Giants

Written by Matthew Jellison  •  Directed by Isaac Klein

The Mnemonist of Duchess County

Written by Josh Koenigsberg  •  Directed by Laura Savia

That Time and the Time Before That

Written by B. Walker Sampson, James Morris, & Calla Videt
Directed by Calla Videt

Black Snow

Written by Mikhail Bulgakov
Adaptation by Keith Reddin
Directed by Mikhael Tara Garver

Fornicated From the Beatles

Created by Mikhael Tara Garver and The New Ensemble
Directed by Mikhael Tara Garver


Written by Tori Keenan-Zelt  •  Directed by Jessika Malone

The Dreary Coast

Written and Directed by Jeff Stark   •   Drearycoast.org

Photos by Todd Seelie

Help Me to Make It

Written by Boo Killebrew, Geoffrey Decas O’Donnell, and Jordan Seavey
Directed by Lee Sunday Evans
Co-created with Lee Sunday Evans and TJ Witham

Blood Wedding

By Federico Garcia Lorca  •   Directed by Lenny Leibowitz


Written by Jeremy Pickard (in collaboration with the company)
Directed by Sarah Hughes