I'm glad you decided to drop by.  I hope you'll take a spin around and see what I've been up to!

In the meantime, let me tell you a little about myself.

I grew up in Woodstock, NY to a magician Dad and Mom gifted in many creative disciplines--sewing, beading, cooking/baking and pottery to name a few. It's from these roots that I learned the power of creative expression. I've wanted to be an actor since I can remember.

Approaching text with diligence, grit, and empathy. I'm rigorous and adaptable in a rehearsal room and comfortable in a wide range of roles in both drama and comedy.
I'm proud to be someone that people want to work with again and again.

Since living in New York, I've worked on a vast array of projects that have offered experiences as an actor, director, assistant, improviser, immersive theatre maker, writer, model, and deviser.
In my down time, I like to both work as a coach and gift consultant.