Every coaching session is handmade, crafted specifically for YOU.

Creating a comfortable, collaborative and supportive workspace is something I excel at. We'll be able to take risks, keep what works and throw away what doesn't, leaving you energized and ready to meet your goals. I work with the support of a guidance counselor, rigor of a sports coach, and loyalty of a best friend.

I'm delighted to be able to offer clients a variety of different services

Project Management
Task breakdown, calendar management, accountability

Block Breakthrough
Setting and sticking to goals, working past fears and blocks

Content Editing
Content feedback and structure notes

Acting Coaching
On-your-feet coaching for auditions, scene work, or new material


"Ava is magic. I always walk out of my coaching feeling more confident, more grounded, and more prepared. "

Aimée Cucchiaro
(The House of Von Macramé)

"Ava has a natural gift for helping the actor figure out the best way to service the story. And, she's affordable!"

Brian McCarthy
(Paterson, The Americans)

“Ava opened me up to  something far more layered than where I started.”

Alec Shaw
(Incident at Vichy)

"Ava has an open and generous energy that leads to exciting, fresh, and truthful exploration."

Drew Moerlein
(American Psycho)
ava eisenson coaching


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